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Indomas Cemerlang Sejahtera is one of the leading names as a wood chips manufacturer in Indonesia. Our primary products include white copra, coco peat, coco fiber, hexagonal briquette, Kraton and coco bristle. We have got the expertise in herbal products. Our primary goal is to update knowledge regarding products continuously. Our website is easily reachable, and customers buy our products online regularly.
Wood chips are usually working as decorative organic matter and garden mulch for landscape structures, like paver walkways and statues. When sprinkled evenly across the garden soil, wood chips break down slowly to add crucial nutrients on the topsoil while preserving moisture for maximum root uptake. Today, multiple kinds of wood chips are available in the market. All types are specific for various uses in the garden for the creation of a healthy environment.
Typical wood chip mulch comes in a broad range from squares to rectangular looking material. Garden chips comprise of heartwood, bark or can be in a combo of both. A chip can be of 1 inch long or can consist of several inches wide. Structure of wood chips depend upon the manufacturer. Due to the large size, wood chips decompose slowly over the years. Generally, wood chips are applied around trees, bushes and other perpetual garden favorites.

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The crisp brown to yellow (wood’s color) turns grey over time. However, you can work on this decayed mulch layer into the soil to improve soil nutrient level and texture. Fresh wood chips should remain on the soil top. As chips get decomposed, they encroach nitrogen from the land if worked into the lawn/garden.
There are specific tips for applying wood chips manufacturer. In generic terms, spread the wood chip around the plants, keeping the depth of 2 inches. Thick mulch layers contribute to condensation and impede rainfall via soaking into the soil below. Avoid pests of wood chips like termites, via maintaining a space of 24 inches between mulched area and your garden.
Many of our customers come from different continents; especially the US. Our herbal Kraton, biomass pellet and wood chips are widely accepted all over the world. Customers of our website get pleased when they buy our products which surpass their expectations. We guarantee that our products are genuine and are of pure, high-grade quality. You can buy a number of stocks that are ready for clearance, and they can purchase them by using a variety of payment methods. We are supreme wood chips manufacturer, and you will not be disappointed with our products. We are supreme wood chips manufacturer, and you will not be disappointed with our products.

Wood Chips

Type : Block
Supply Ability : 1000 MT/ Month Weight : 5 kg
Size : 30x30x12-15 cm
Electrical Conductivity : >0.6 ms/cm Ph : 5.0-7.0
Moisture : <30%
Extention volume : 45-50 ltr/block