Steps to Store Wood or Biomass Pellet Outside

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November 13, 2019
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Most of the time, we do not have enough space in our home to store wood pellets safely and out of the way. It is quite unfortunate, though. It is preferred to store the pellets inside, but you don’t always have the room for that. The shroud unwrapping and restacking every bag is a wonderful solution for only having small spaces at hand. If you are receiving the wood pellets directly to your warehouse for the first from biomass pellet manufacturer, it is better to measure the space available. To store them in a new location requires you to have a clear idea of your area.

Below are some dimensions which make you able to plan the location of pellets effectively. For a standard bag of 40 pounds containing wood pellets:

Approximate Length Approximate Width Approximate Height
27 18 15

The above measurements can be readjusted according to the place and by steering the pellets within the bag.

However, we keep on listening that it is not always possible to store the pellets’ bags outside. Many companies do not have a vast storage capacity or available dry area out, however, it’s fine not to have one. In order to store your wood pellets properly outside, you need to take a few steps:

Number 1

First, be sure that you have thoroughly inspected the delivery packages as soon as possible. Make sure your order is entirely packaged protected with the help of a plastic shroud before it has been sent to you. If you encounter any holes or rips in the shrouding, quickly close them with additional plastic layers or waterproof tape. If there is an extended wet bag or damage, call the concerned supplier and ask them to fix it.

Number 2

Second and the most important one, securely hurry a tight tarp over your skids. The tarp will save your fuel from weather, water, and any animal or bird. The wilds may try to puncture the shroud for making their home. Ensure that the tarp is well-connected to the pellet for the avoidance of wind gusts.

Helpful Tricks for Outdoor Storage

-Always ensure that your wood pellets are sent to the area where the warehouse or inventory is free from any flooding or water pooling.

  • Make sure that wood pellets fuel has arrived with proper wrapping.
  • Inspect your closed skids all season just to ensure everything is still safe.
  • Place a heavy object on the skid’s top for keeping the tarp in the right place.
  • Use a ball on the top but beneath the tarp for the prevention of pooling.
  • Use empty milk jars filled with water or sand tied to the edges of the tarp. This will help to secure the tarp.
  • During winter seasons, spare a path shoveling around the skids to help to prevent any ice or water damage.

Before the skids are placed, make sure that they are kept separate far from water spray paths or irrigation heads. You can instruct the driver of wood chips manufacturer where would you receive your order.

Wrap Up

It is always better to have measured the space and the place to store your pellets. As prevention is better than cure.

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