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Coffee is sourced in around 70 nations. Also, enthusiasm for coffee has grown exponentially in various countries. In any case, what the number of us truly know what we are drinking? What number of coffee bean types are there, and what are their attributes? As a Robusta coffee beans supplier, let us offer you a sharp investigation on the issue.

There are three major types of coffee beans. The names are Robusta, Liberica, and Arabica.

Liberica: Liberica is among the low yield types of coffee in contrast to Arabica and Robusta.

Robusta: This type of coffee contains 2.5% more caffeine compared to other types. Robusta has a pretty strong taste.

Arabica: This coffee bean has a smoother taste and low in caffeine. It also is aromatic and delicious. 80% of the world’s coffee is produced from Arabica coffee beans.

Robusta in Vietnam

We can say, with some level of certainty, the main thing not influenced by the war in Vietnam was coffee. In Vietnam, individuals favor the Robusta coffee bean with a robust taste. For a wood chips manufacturer, Vietnam can be labeled as the local place that is known for Robusta. Vietnam is among the top coffee exporters on the planet.

Arabica & Robusta in Indonesia

Indonesia, which we every now and again hear related to intriguing coffee types, produces around 660,000,000 kg of coffee per annum. Although quality and taste could not hope to compare to Brazil and Colombia, it has a significant spot in worldwide coffee production.

Arabica in Brazil

Brazil is among the top coffee-producing nations. In Brazil, over 2 billion tons of coffee were produced back in 2016. One of the reasons for the Brazilian coffee being so tasty is the vast production fields and the best quality of the product. The coffee produced in Brazil is often preferred due to its low acidity.

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Robusta and Arabica in India

Arabica and Robusta beans are grown in India in abundance. The well-renowned coffee beans grown in the southern region of India are known for their soft taste as well as high levels of acidity.

Arabica in Columbia

Colombia that claims a fair share of global coffee production with 810 million kg per annum, is just behind Brazil with regards to taste with its Arabica coffee beans. Among the sought-after coffee types of Colombia are Supremo and Extra.

Robusta and Arabica in Uganda

Ugandan coffee is similar to African coffee with regards to its aroma and wine-like acidity. However, it is not as popular as Ethiopian or Kenyan coffee. Most of the coffee produced in Uganda is exported. Ugandan coffee exports contribute significantly to their economy. Bugishu is the most critical type of coffee there.

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