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Indomas Cemerlang Sejahtera is considered as leading coco peat and biomass pellet manufacturer in Indonesia. Apart from coco peat, we offer some of the best organic products which include white copra, coco fiber, kratom, wood chips, coco bristle, hexagonal briquette and shisha briquette. Our website is easily accessible to learn about our products. =
We have made our name synonymous to high-quality. Each of our product passes through a thorough quality assurance (QA) process. We have a policy of zero tolerance on quality, and that is why our customers remain satisfied with us. Also, we have a dedicated workforce of experienced and qualified professional. They supervise the overall production process diligently.
Coco peat cannot be called pure peat. However, when it is processed into a growing medium, it somehow gets the function and appearance of “peat moss”. Peat moss is an extraction from peat bogs which release gazillion tons of greenhouse gasses each year and require thousands of years to renew. Coco peat is a renewable and sustainable resource which is continuing to revolutionize agriculture all over the world.

Biomass Pellet Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Creep is a treatment done with coco peat. Creep is a process in which compressed coco peat particles drops its elasticity – hence does not expand entirely when watered. Creep brings in a loss in porosity in air, loss of capacity in the water holding and also drop in volume — all these results in decline in value of the coco peat. The volume loss can comfortably go up to 50 per cent of the original mass. Creep increases as the squeezed coco peat block get older. After the first three months, it is advisable to store coco peat in an expanded powder form. Therefore, we advise our buyers to purchase our fresh and quality coco peat. As a biomass pellet manufacturer, we offer coco peat too; which is of the highest quality as compared to our competitors. Creep, as a product, do not only have repercussion in terms of loss in quality and volume, but it also makes it difficult for coco peat to expand.
Many of our clients come from different countries, especially from the United States. We always thrive to surpass the customers’ expectations. Moreover, we try hard to deliver the order on-time. Clients can buy our products, especially biomass pellet, that are ready for clearance, and they can purchase them by using a variety of payment methods. So, if you are in need of a quality Biomass pellet manufacturer, we are the right choice for you.

Biomass Pellet

Material : 100% natural coco fibre Color : Natural Brown
Supply Ability : 1000 MT/ Month